Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hot fudge here comes the judge

Tonight (Wednesday), in celebration of the start of our Easter break, the Boy and I tried out another of Canberra's newest haunts - Baskin Robbins =)

The Boy had a very berry strawberry thick shake (very pink!!)

I went for a sundae - two scoops, hot fudge and roasted almonds =)
Now, I thought cookies and creme icecream was good but let me tell you - cookie-dough icecream is where its at!!!
Mmmmm there's real chunks of cookie dough in there!

We're on the 9:15 flight to Melbourne tomorrow - and very excited!

Oooh, I did actually end up going with the stranding on the corazon fair isle mittens, and I'm really happy with how they're turning out =)
Check out my progress there =)

Besos =)


  1. That mitten is looking mighty fine, but excuse me while I go back up to the fudge shot. ;) Have a lovely time away.

  2. hey kuka...i'll be off for the next few days, and it would be great to see you guys. Unfortunately the mobile has been lost :( so comment on my blog, or send em an email if you're free to meet up
    besos :)


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