Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nuttin' t'knit

Hurrah - we made it to Victoria =)

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts at planning, I haven't got anything to knit tonight =(

I finished the pattern repeat on the first corazon mitten, and had even brought along my darning needle and printed out an illustrated tutorial on grafting so I could finish them this weekend.

What I failed to remember was that the corazon mittens use two sizes of dpns - smaller (3.25mm) for the cuff and top, larger (3.5mm) for the main body of the mitten.

I forgot to bring my smaller needles!!!!
This means I can neither finish the tops of the right nor start the cuff of the left =(

Having anticipated that I would probably come pretty close to finishing the corazons over the weekend, I did bring along a backup project - the squirrelly mittens.

These little guys are knit in 4ply, which I found pretty much impossible to locate during the week in anything but baby pastels.

On the advice of a kind lady at Lincraft I decided to knit up a swatch of a 5ply knitting cotton to see if that could be substituted.

I knew all along, of course, that this was highly unlikely, but still thought I would give it a try.

Before even finishing the cast-on I could tell that there wasn't going to be nearly enough 'give' in the cotton for mittens =(

So now I'm wishing I had been less rational in my yarn shopping and picked up the royal blue (the only non-pastel) and cream 4plys that I had considered getting 'just in case' - the idea of pastel green trees with a royal blue sky and albino creamy squirrels is more and more appealing!!

hmmmm, I think I'm gonna have to raid mum's stash for something (anything hehe)

besos =)


  1. Hooray...Victoria's neato. Where else could you be packing up the kiddie pool and bringing in some firewood all in the same day. What is it about the weather these days. The seasons have changed like a big switch this year! Can't help but wonder where abouts in Victoria you could be next door!! hehe...

  2. Bummer - a holiday without knitting!!

    I've seen bright baby wools - I have a ton of orange if you're into that. But I've also seen lovely bright greens and blues, and red. Maybe we need a Cassidy's trip when you get back.

  3. I think you might have to internet order the 4 ply. I have been knitting the knitted babes, and had to use 4 ply baby wool. You're right there is not much of a colour range, but there are heaps of Aussie online wool stores to check out.


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