Sunday, April 01, 2007

that's the thing about football

actually, there's a couple of things about football...

Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
And sometimes you get thumped.

(and if you spend the entire game pissing about in your defensive 50 you're probably not gonna score many goals.)

But no matter how bad this week was, next week could be fantastic.
Because, let's face it, a week is a long time in football.... =)

Yeah, so last night was a minor disaster.

In large part, though, this was because of our venue - we called ahead to see if they would be showing the game, to which they said yes definately.

When we arrived and asked about it we were informed (and in not the friendliest manor) that they 'are a league club so we shouldn't assume they would be showing the game (hhhm, perhaps that's why we called ahead?)

The hawks weren't exactly in their best form ever, but some parts could be taken as promising...

(hey, they scored their 6 goals in a split period of about 5 min. Now if they can plan an entire game - rather than just 5 min - then they could kick oooh at least 95 in the next game ;) )

Today I decorated my cupcakes from yesterday - the theme of the week being the return of football, naturally!

Lethal Leigh Matthews was honoured this week for his 750th game as captain or coach, so there was a tribute to him.

Footy fans may recognise it as that day at Windy Hill, when the point post got in Matthews' way, and came off second best =)

And just up there is Russell Robeartson, taking one of his trademark speccys!

Blogger isn't super keen on uploading pics tonight, but there are a couple more on my flickr page (including Shane Clawford, Matthew Lloyd, Leo Beary and Troy Simmonds from grandfinal day 2000)

besos =)


  1. Terribly impressed by your baking devotion. Pretty sure I'd have a hard time eating Leigh Matthews, though. ;)

  2. I know zero about football, but I like your cupcakes!

  3. Crawf is so gorgeous...and I'm an Essendon supporter!! hehe..(first things first, I guess) Ruth...


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