Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tillykke - en prinsesse!!!

Woo its a girl!

Congratulations to Mary and Frederik on Danmarks first 'prinsesse' since 1946.

Depending on timing, we might be in Denmark for the christening (although, I think Christian was about 3 months old at his, putting us there a teeny bit too early), which would be very exciting!

(I'm guessing Prinsesse Ingrid! =))

The pic above is from Queen Margrethe's birthday last week - you can read more about that and all things Danish Royalty at Danish Royal Watchers.

Oooh, there'll be Danish Flags flying, bonfires burning (to 'spread the news' and artillery salutes to celebrate. Oooh, I wish we were there now!!!

Tillykke Mary, Frederik, Christian og hele Danmark!!! =)

Kaerlig hilsen, =)

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