Thursday, April 12, 2007

too much footy is never enough (aka Easter part II)

Besides giving us the chance to catch up with my family, a couple of days in Victoria meant footy - and lots of it!

We watched games on the TV on Thursday and Saturday nights (and, of course, then there's 'Before the Game' with Dave Hughes - easily the best sports show on tv!), which may have tipped the Easter bunny off to what we might like to find in next to our beds in the morning...

On Sunday morning we got on the train and headed off to Melbourne to see the Bombers take on Fremantle at the Telstra Dome =)

The Telstra Dome has been unkind to me in the past, but now, with the redevelopment of Spencer St Station, there you just cross the handy dandy Bourke Street Bridge and there you are =)

I also have to admit that, just as long as you are't way up the back, the Dome isn't too bad a footy venue in general, except that they only had 'traveller' pies, not the regular four and twenty ones - and the travellers don't taste nearly as good!

We had a fab time and, even better, the Bombers actually won!

Actually, the coolest thing was when the ball was headed out and Pavlich scissor-kicked it back over his head, Ronaldinho style, leading to a Freo goal.
Has to be the goal of the year!

On Monday afternoon we walked over to the MCG to see the Hawks take on the Demons.

At the MCG the tickets are usually general admission, so we could sit anywhere we wanted, and managed to get seats by the Ponsford end goal, next to the Hawthorn race.

Whilst I am a Hawthorn supporter all the way I do have a definate soft spot for Melbourne, so it was pretty exciting to get to see so many of my fave players all at once. (like Croad and Neitz there)

Again we were treated to some great footy, and an exciting game too (only hawthorn could look in serious danger of losing whilst dominating play and being 5 goals up at 3/4 time!), and the Hawks won!!

I could not believe (actually, I still can't) that here are two teams who won only a handful of games between them last year, the ony weekend of the season that we would be able to make it Melbourne and see both teams play, perfect weather, and we both got to be winners!!


(Seriously, this could be the only weekend all season that both teams win!!!)

I do have a few family members who suport Melbourne - my mum's family are all big Demons fans - so I also got to catch up with my aunt and two cousins at the game.
There's my aunt there, well that's her foot in that lovely shoe =) hehe
(yes, all the women in our family are well known for our fashion sense, especially when it comes to accessories in your team colours...) =)

Oooh yes, we picked a fab weekend for footy!
(you could say we kicked a goal! hehe) ;)

Besos =)

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  1. that's a cute photo at the bottom and I like the way the 'G' is bathed in heavenly light. 'Tis a kind of church after all.


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