Tuesday, May 29, 2007

chasing wild geese

You know when you're positive you saw something in a shop and then you go back and its not there - in fact there's no evidence it ever was, not even and empty space on the shelf?
That's what happened to me today.

I've been working on the Manly Mitts but having gone down several needle sizes for the ribbing I found that the body of the mitten was going to be too small.
The pattern calls for 3.5mm or 4mm dpns, and I haven't been able to find 3.5s anywhere (apparently its a US size) when I went down as far as 3.25mm for the ribbing I was sure I wouldn't need anything more than 3.75 for the rest (the pattern uses the same size for cuff and body, which I thought was kinda weird anyway)

While I haven't seen 3.5mms anywhere, last time I was at Big W they had at least a gazillion (oooh, I had to quit with the 'bajillion' - ever since Elliot and her bajingo it just hasn't sounded quite the same)other sizes including 3.75mm.

Off I went at lunch time, only to find the knitting section at my local Big W had been quite seriously raided - there was a shelf filler lady filing the yarn, but she wasn't quite up to the accessories.

So, I decided to leave work a little early so I could duck into the Big W in Civic - where I knew for sure I could pick some up since I'm sure they have a better range anyway.
I arrived in Civic in time for Big W (but not for any other knitting retailer) only to find that they didn't have them either - and there wasn't even an empty space!!!

I swear to the great knitting deities I saw them there last time!!

What I did see though, and this made up for lack of dpns, was the cute swatches I'd seen blogged over with Pierre the Yarn Snob
Cute, hey?

And for now I guess it's onward and upward with the 4mm dpns I had at home all along =S

besos =)


  1. That's a bugger. Can't offer my 3.75mms because they're doing use on voodoos with Mum, sorry.

  2. Oh, I agree about the bajingo!! I say Bazillion!!! 3.5s are non-existent here ans you are right, 3.25s sound far too small. Aren't those little jumpers so cute???!!! Nice soup...

  3. LOL - we're Scrubs fans over here too!

    Those are definitely highly cute jumper swatches! But cuteness doesn't make up for lack of 3.75 mm DPNs... hopefully the 4 mm ones won't be too far off the mark.


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