Thursday, May 31, 2007

'cos that's what you do when someone says that!

I've been keen to try my hand at baking snickerdoodles ever since Veronica starting hiding them in Wallace's locker. (and how someone can look so glum while baking something called a snickerdoodle I will never understand!)

This week Bells' post over at Mouthfuls of Heaven (which, by the way, already has me 100% decided that the first thing I'm gonna buy when I get from OS is Nigella) was the straw that pushed me over the snickerdoodling edge - and I gotta say its gooood over here in snickerdoodleland!!

In true Mars style I couldn't resist a doing a little (ok, probaby too much) research and, despite stumbling across a post of Nigella's recipe, when I found a 'Ronnie recipe I couldn't resist! =)

These little pieces of snickerdoodly goodness are light and crispy around the edges, cakey and cinnamony in the middle mmmmmmmmm

There was one correction to the recipe, though - I'm pretty certain they should have 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, not 2 tablespoons.

So the verdict is that the snickerdoodle is a winner!
And with the nod from Veronica I would never expect anything less!


Kuka =)

edited to add - I asked the same question as Bells re 'a stick of butter'. After employing investigative methods learned from the tiny blonde one herself (ie google ;)) I can now tell you a stick of butter is 125g =)


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  2. Tee hee - I thought those photos were of you until I clicked the link! How funny. It does look a litle like you. :-) And I actually know who Veronica Mars is - so that's even funnier.

    I'll have to try to Veronica Mars version - minus the extra heap of cream of tartar, obviously.

    How much is a stick of butter???

  3. I clicked to see them bigger too, thinking the same thing!


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