Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I said brrrrr....

Oh yes, there definately must have been some Toros in the atmosphere around Canberra today 'cos it was cold out there!

But, see that lady up the top there, it wasn't that cold.

Ohh no I don't think it could ever be that cold!

Stay warm!

Besos =)


  1. I'm sure that there's a law against grownups wearing hats that do up under the chin. The helmet hair alone would make it reasonable for such a law to exist.

    Also - white mittens? Does she own a laundromat?

  2. Oh, please don't tell me you thought a white girl knitted that? :p

  3. LOL - oh my. Yes, you'd have to be desperate.

    Maybe they thought they were being all futuristic? It looks a bit the way the 1950s - 60s designers thought we'd be dressing in 2000... scary!


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