Monday, May 14, 2007

the pluses

Ok, so for the most part catching the bus around Canberra isn't too bad.
Sure, sometimes the government has an, er, interesting perspective on the needs of commuters.
And it does get fecking cold waiting in that long long line in Civic.
But its amazing how much of that stretched out single file queue you can concertina into one bus.
And once you get on the bus its warm and the sun is all shiny out the window and its so nice driving over the lake =)

Then there's the characters.

Like Ugly Betty girl.
Not because she's ugly, there's just something about her. She just always looks like she's really tried to be super ready for the day, but every morning I expect her high heel to snap as she steps off the bus, or a big gust of wind blow her skirt up around her head, or a bus zoom past splashing mud all over her like on the tv, you know.

And old chocolate bar man, who gets on the bus with a shopping bag full of chocolate bars.
At about 80 years old I've seen this gentleman polish off a Mars Bar, a Milky Bar and a King Size Twirl in the 14 minutes it takes the bus too get from civic to Woden at 8:20am!!
I kinda feel like I should be carrying emergency insulin in my handbag =S

Then there are the characters who you would do anything to avoid being in a confined space with.

Of all the people I catch the bus with I have always found that it is Headphones Guy that most grates on my nerves.
I simply can't understand how a person could possibly need to have their music turned up so loud that people 5 rows in front and on the other side of the bus can make out every beat of every bad ass hip-hopping track.

Then I met Discman Dude.
Its 8:30am.
Discoman Dude is having a disco party in his ears (ew, the wax!) and we're all invited!
I can hear every. single. lyric. of every. single. song of some cd that I can best describe as Kylie Minogue's favourite disco dancing tunes.
And, to be honest, at 8:30am it is nausea inducing!

Oprah had a special on the other night, about The Secret.
(actually, ,if you missed Oprah, or want to know more about the secret, I believe the guys from The Chaser summed it up pretty well - you can download the episode 8 vodcast here)
"Ask the universe, visualise, and you will receive"
Let me tell you, I'm sitting on the bus visualising the universe handing me a giant pair of scissors to cut those headphones off, right under the chin!
Stops me stabbing someone with a knitting needle anyway..... ;)

besos =)

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  1. Even more than the loud headphones, I hate it when people use the bus ride to catch up on their phone calls. No worries if your phone rings you might have to answer it. But keep it short. I'm trying to concentrate on my book not your loud juicy conversation.


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