Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yipppeee - the squirrelly mitts are aaaaaaaaalmost done!!!
I have about 6 rows to go on the thumb, then just the weaving in and blocking (the stitches on these guys are definately going to benefit from good blocking - they're a little crooked)

Today I started on the Manly Mitts, but will have to start over with smaller needles, since the ribbing looked like it could have been the start of a beanie!!!


ok, editing to add that this was one of those days where blogger does inexplicable things... I tried to post before and it siad I couldn't, now when I've come back my post is there!!!

The squirrels are now done except for grafting at the top of the thumb and the weaving in.

I re-started the Manly Mitts on 3.25mm needles (down from 4mm) and am about 1.25inches into the cuff ribbing - they're looking like a much better fit now =)

I'll post some pics in the next couple of days once I've started on the colour work (black cuff ribbing does not make for exciting photography!)


  1. yay, mittens!

    Just a thought - if you liked the gauge on the bigger needles you could always switch back after the ribbing. I have used smaller needles for the ribbing on socks because my ribbing always goes a bit sloppy.

  2. Yay for squirrels! Looking forward to seeing them in person :D


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