Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vintage Vogue

Today was the day of days on the Canberra knitting calendar - the Celebration of Wool at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston.
You can read about it here and here and probably a bunch of other places.

But not here on account of, unfortunate but true, the Boy and I had some other pre-booked non-negotionable type familial obligations.

We lunched chez the Boy's mum's cousin Susie, just outside of Goulburn. (I'm sure there's a word for your mum's cousin, but let's just stick with cousin Susie =))

It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was really nice to catch up with some of the Boy's family before I head off on my holiday (3 weeks to go!!)

And despite missing the 'big event', there was some wooly action.

Like the Big Merino.

If it had just been the Boy and I then I would have made him stop (we got a lift with his dad), since, as the old Shetland proverb goes, 'Where's there's sheep there's gonna be wool, except in the case of rare mutant fleeceless breeds.'
(welll, you know, something like that...)

During the three hours or so spent in the car, I was able to make some progress on the second squirrelly mitten.

I've passed where the thumb is, and expect I should be able to finish this week =)

(Of course, I've already got plans (and wool!) for my next project - I'm all set to cast-on a pair of Knitty's Manly Mitts for the Boy.)

I should also mention that Cousin Susie is quite the fibre-fiend - she both knits and crochets, and spins too.

I always enjoy catching up with her to see what project she has on the boil, especially since her style is so different from mine - really intuitive and organic, no pattern just the feeling that this will need a little increase here or extra ribbing there.

Today she showed me a jumper she is working on, with a kind of basket-weave texture.

And knit on the most amazing needles I've ever seen (oooh, perhaps with the exception of those knitpicks Jejune was show 'n' telling last time I went to S'n'B!) - 12mm dpns she had made herself from a length of wood dowel!

But I think my favourite thing knitty that Cousin Susie has shared with me was on one visit late last year.

Whilst cleaning up in her studio she came across a pile of old knitting magazines and patterns, and thought I might like them =)

This afternoon, feeling the yarn envy rise as I started to see some of the stashalicious pics of loot collected by fellow Canberra knitters at the Celebration today, I thought this would be the perfect chance for me to share some envy inducing knittiness of my own.

Todays pics are brought to you by Cousin Susie, via my original vintage Vogue Knitting Book, No. 45, printed 1954.
Cool, huh?

Besos =)

btw, check out that knitted dress!!! Amazing!!! =)


  1. You were missed today. Those Vogues are wonderful - more, more!

    I like the sound of Cousin Susie. I made 12mm dpns from dowel, too. You can't buy them in that size. What is she making with them?

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it - and the vintage Vogue patterns are just wonderful!

    Love your old Shetland proverb ;)
    Looking forward to mitten pics soon - go Kuka, go!

  3. I love those vintage patterns. I have a few stashed to knit 'one day'...

    Re your post below - I just love watching movies on planes. And have often stayed awake to watch some lame-o movie when I really should sleep, and even COULD sleep. Honestly you'd think I didn't have a DVD player at home.

  4. Don't you ever wonder if knitters past had more patience?


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