Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why I'm an idiot and other stuff from this week

If you're at least a semi-regularish dropper in chez Kuka you may have noticed a lack of posting action this week.

For this we can thank a certain Australian communications provider.
I may have mentioned previously that the internet at home was playing up a little, and we have been waiting for an ADSL connection to be set up.
Every week the Boy calls said company, every week he is told it will be 'about one more week'
That is, until last week.
When he was told to 'chill out'.
(Anyone who has met the boy will know how funny this is - to be any more 'chilled' when dealing with this kind of thing he would have to be inside a deep freezer, 10 feet deep under Santa's secret workshop at the North Pole!!!)
That's when I had a little 'ok, give me the phone' moment.
So now we're on free unlimited dial up until the ADSL is worked out.
Main problem with that is that now when I am in a situation where I can connect to wireless my laptop keeps trying to connect to dial-up, sets me to working off-line etc.
Eeeek its so annoying!!!
I have made sure that dial-up isn't the default, but I don't know what else to do???

Yes, I am an idiot - you read it here first.
At least, I assume you read it here first, and that noone else has posted that already....
(hmmm, note to self, google self)
This came to me in a moment of clarity on the bus (of all places) on Thursday evening.
On Monday I had finished the ribbing on the second squirrelly mitten, and taken out my 2.75 dpns to continue.
I found myself asking that age old question of knitters world-wide - where the frack did I put my needle gauge???!!!?
Luckily I knew exactly where I had put my 2.75s, so I got them out, packed away the 2.25s and kept on knitting. (those needle gauges always turn up eventually, right?)
Then, on Thursday, after 2.5 days of working on my squirrelly mittens I suddenly realised that I was using 3 2.25s and one 2.75 needle. eeek.
I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden it was completely obvious to me that the needle I had in my hand was too small.
I got home, checked the little 2.25 pack, and sure enough three of the needles in there were bigger than the 4th. eeeeeeeeeeek again!
Luckily I was up to the very top of the wrist, where you are about to go to the widest part of the hand, so I think I should be able to get away with it, and without having to rip - hurrah!

On Thursday night I had a fabuous night of Knitting and Nachos with Liv, who was kind enough to provide her needle gauge for confirmation of needle size (and clever enough to know where her gauge was!!!)
I made some great progress, finishing a second set of zombie squirrels, with just snow flakes to go, got to check out the progress on the gorgeous project Liv is working on, and see some fabulous and tiny felting too =) (and aaaah nachos!)

On Monday it will be only 3 weeks until Mum and I fly out to Europe!!
I'm so excited, and on checking the airline website today I was super excited to see that June's in-air movies are out! (is that weird?? 'Cos I'm even excited about the planes!!!)
I'll get to see Because I Said So, which I would have definately gone to see at the cinema (yeah, I heart Mandy Moore! shhh) Music and Lyrics and Ghost Rider, both of which I was also interested in, plus Aladdin and the Lion King, and heeeeaaaaaaaps of other stuff - hurrah!!! =)

oooooooooh I'm sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!

besos =)