Sunday, May 06, 2007

wrist-warmer high-five!

During a little Scrubs (season 3) 'half-marathon' I managed to make enough progress on the wrist warmers to be able to see the start of the DNA cable - high five!!!

Here's a progress shot of the first one posing with my (almost) brand new knitting book - The Knitter's Handbook.

(I bought this with a Borders gift voucher T & N gave me for my birthday.

Oooh this book is so pretty!
I really love the way that each different section of the book - patterns, cables, etc - has a different colour along the side of the pages, and all the swatches match that colour!
The photography is so beautiful, and the instructions are clear - I used it the night I got it home to try a different cast-on method =))

The wrist warmers are turning out very well, I think.
I am using Lincraft's 'Lima' and it feels really soft, and I'm really pleased with how the cables are coming up - especially since these are my very first =)

I've got a little bit to go, then its time to start the thumb gusset =)


besos =)


  1. Very, very cute. Cables, squirrels and red shoes - does life get any better?

  2. Love that cable, very nice. And another great book to add to my wish list, thanks for the review!

  3. wow, first cables! They look great.

  4. Wonderful cable - aren't they fun? I must do something with the DNA design too...

    We're working our way through Scrubs too, up to the middle of series 4 as of last night :) Silly people - my favourite sort!


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