Monday, July 16, 2007

Chicken little

So, the first day back at work today and the sky didn't fall in.
In fact it wasn't entirely terrible at all (but let's be honest - I'd rather still be somewhere else!!)

Every thing was pretty much the same - a little bit of musical chairs within our section at work (wouldn't be the public service without!) and the yarn selection at W may be marginally worse than before - but mostly it was like I had never been away.

Luckily I have the pictures to prove it!!! =)
I'm not really sure the best way to go about sharing the rest of my trip, so I think I'll post some pictures I like (I may not be able to resist post a couple more from legoland!)and tell you a bit about it as I post about other things.

I plan to upload a whole bunch of photos to my flickr account soon too, at the moment I'm on computer shifts with the boy, since the backlight in my laptop screen has 'expired' leaving it out of action =S

We have spare PC monitor in the study that I am hoping to be able to run the laptop through while I investigate the possibility of repairs. (as soon as I can manage to sit down for a period of more than 27 minutes without falling asleep!! hehe)

The pics here today are from Denmark, a couple from a rose farm close by the farm where my first host family live, the other two from my host aunt's house on Sjaelland where we stayed while visiting around Copenhagen.

Denmark was putting on some of its most unfriendly summer weather on record - as we were heading home to Jylland ferries were on massive delays and there had been traffic banked up on either side of the bridges linking Jylland to the island Funen and Funen to Sjaelland due to the strong winds (the bridge to Germany was closed on account of wind making it too dangerous) (BTW, Denmark seriously has some of the most amazing bridges in the world, also including the Oresund bridge which connects Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden)- so the fire provided much appreciated danish hygge =)

(aaah, hygge! I heart hygge!! For some hygge without leaving your computer you have to visit Alex at Hyyge House)

Ooh, and see there on the top of the fire, those frying pans?
They're for making aebleskiver!
Remember before Christmas I was trying desperately to get my hands on an aebleskiver pan? (it ended in tears when I couldn't find anyone willing to ship to Australia).

This time I bought one in Denmark then dragged it all around Europe with me to make sure I could get my aebleskiver on back here in Australia!
(ooh I'm so excited to try it out this weekend)

Back home and with the knitting news:
- I see at least two pairs of corazon mittens in my near bus knitting future (actually, that's what the trip to W today was in aid of)
- I have a couple of souvenir yarns, including a blue/green angora which has already whispered that it would like to be some kind of lacey scarf - I'm thinking maybe knitty's Branching Out? Any suggestions for other lacey scarfy type projects?
- Ooh, and I've seen some gorgeous things from magnificent mittens =)

ooh, and hurrah for Wife Swap back on the tv!! (even if it is past my bedtime!! hehe) =)

besos =)


  1. Welcome home! Isnt it horrid how jetlag so quickly makes the holiday fizziness fade??

    Aebleskiver - this looks like something I need to know more about! Yummo - can't wait to see how your new pan goes!

  2. Ditto on the Aebleskiver - tell us more!

  3. Welcome home, so sorry you had to go back to work, what is the world coming to :p

    You still have lots of wonderful memories, photos, and stories to tell - looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Branching Out is a nice lace scarf, although not the easiest ever lace pattern out there. A good second lace project.


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