Friday, July 27, 2007

emergency transplant surgery

After the grossy-outness of Wednesday's burger wall I thought I'd decorate today's post with a some tastier items of dutch cuisine:
stroopwafels (which you can buy fresh at the EPIC farmers' market!!!) just there to the right, and in the pic below we're enjoying a plate (or two) of poffertjes in Amsterdam =) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm not sure whether I posted about it, but when I arrived home (two weeks ago!!!!!) I found my laptop somewhat under the weather.

Something is wrong with the screen - it is staying really dark, I can just barely make out the icons.

A little investigation, Veronica Mars style, suggested a problem with the backlight (the failure of which is apparently often simply due to the failure of one tiny little wire.) in the screen, which looked like it would be reasonably straightforward to repair.

And it would. If Dell made the parts available.
Turns out that the only way to fix the backlight, or its tiny wire, is to replace the entire LCD screen, to do which I was quoted $1500 to $1600!!!! (yes, that's what my entire laptop cost 2 years ago)

Faced with the options of a)having a break down, b) buying a new laptop and c) getting creative (Veronica Mars style! ;)), I picked the third option and gave the vendor a call.

Turned out that for a price (slightly more than the cost of the part but far less that the quote for replacement) I could buy a year of warranty, and someone would come and fix it for me.

I organised the warranty on Wednesday and right now there is a guy here performing emergency LCD screen transplant surgery in my loungeroom.

Here's hoping it works!!!

besos =)

ps. it has to work - I got my invite to Ravelry today (thanks to Bells for her support through the emotional minutes where it hadn't arrived in my inbox and I thought it was never going to come and I would have to go back into the queue for thousands of years (well, a couple of weeks....) - thanks!!!!) and I'm picturing a weekend of exploring =)

pps. taa daa!!! One healthy post-op laptop =)


  1. Oooh yum - you look *slightly* radiantly happy in that photo - I wonder why? ;)

    Don't you just hate computer wirey problems? I'm VERY lucky in that Hubby used to design and build his own computers, so if a 'puty is out of warranty and a problem like that happens, he pulls it apart and fixes it. Glad your screen is back - but yes, BAD design to require an entire new screen for one broken wire.

    There are about 11,000 people ahead of me on Ravelry, so there's a bit of wait to be had... hope you're enjoying it so far!

  2. Kuka, we must have a Veronica Mars knitting event - don't you think?

    Posting a photo of Ravelry is just too cruel to the others who aren't there yet - too tantalising! Not for me though, since I'm obviously there too.

    See you soon!


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