Lacey lust

At SnB on Tuesday (which, btw, was fabulous fun) Georgie, Bells and I put our heads together to decide how best to scratch this lace itch we've all been feeling.
We've decided to tackle the dayflower scarf (clicky-click for pattern, and here for more pics) mini-KAL style! =)

This may be smartly followed by a Kiri, after seeing a gorgeous example on Tuesday night (I'm not sure if Rachel has a blog??), and then probably a forest canopy shawl (since Jejeune's is looking fabulous!!!) =)

The pic to the left there is a special request.

Its a fast-food chain in the Netherlands called FEBO.

The whole wall is made up of tiny boxes, and if you look carefully you can see that in each box there is a burger, or someother snacky item.

The idea is that you don't have to line up at the counter - just put in a euro (or two or whatever)then the little door opens and you can help yourself to the snacky goodness (eeeek) inside.

I have to admit I was never brave enough to try this myself.
I guess the plan is that its handy at night when you've had a few sherbets and you don't mind that your burger has been sitting in the wall for who knows how long.

The thing is, at that time of night there's likely to be quite a number of people on a break from the pub and looking for cheap entertainment.
Legend has it these types will put in the coins and open the door, only to mess with the burger (spit, boogers, whatever) then close the door with the burger still in there for someone else to take!!!!!


(I stuck to freshly prepared fries with the delish satay dipping sauce handed directly to me by the friendly fry cook at the counter instead!!!)

besos =)


  1. ewwww. the spitting story just stopped me cold from ever eating from a vending machine again!

  2. isn't the imagination weird. After trying picture this burger in the wall scenario for so long, that looks NOTHING like I imagined it would! Hilarious. Thanks for posting those Kuka.

    And there's the pattern! Excellent. I have a day off tomorrow. I might play....he he he

  3. Go the lace! The Dayflower scarf looks gorgeous :)

    Oh the burger in the wall thing is just freaking weird. Almost as strange as the HOT can dispensers in Japan (a can of hot green tea anyone?). But the burgers have a million times more potential for grossness - shudder...

  4. OK, now I am freaked out by the little doors story...
    Thanks for the scarf pattern, it's lovely to have something like, but different from, Branching Out!!!

  5. Yuk yuk yuk. It would be knida cool to look through all the wondows though. And I remember a scene from Dark City (It think?) in an "automart" with the same set-up. Interestingly, it would just never occur to me to do something like sabotage them, or that other people would either.

    I'm good to go on the Dayflower. Say the word.

  6. Awesome! so glad you got that photo! The spitting thing sounds like an urban legend to me. Certainly possible but not that likely to happen. (not if you have to waste your money to pull it off) But still, I would go for the fries too.

  7. That scarf is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how the Canberra SnB versions turn out!

    That wall of burger is not so gorgeous though.

    I think I met you at SnB the other night. I was the exhausted-looking person who was trying to find Georgie and was standing behind you. Just so sorry I couldn't stay that night as you all looked like you were being very productive - my body was completely doing me in!


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