snow no show

I have to admit that I've been feeling somewhat cheated.

Here I was under the delusion that we livid in an almost civilised city, only to be disappointed back to reality by a day of relatively pleasant weather and a distinct lack of snowy action here in Canberra yesterday.

The forecasts were full of promise - even going so far as to predict two days of snow showers!!

I'm not sure why I had such an emotional attachment to the idea - I guess having just come back from more snow-prone parts of the world has brought back fond memories of European winter wonderlands...

Also, I figure that if it is going to be so fracking cold we might as well get some snow out of it!!

It hasn't been entirely unreasonably cold outside, but chez kuka you could make icecream in a bowl on the couch!!

Seriously - we're talking fog breath all day long in here - although the Boy did zip out to get a new heater on Saturday while I slept off the plane trip (mind you, I am still sleeping off the plane trip - the minute I sit down I'm completely out of it - I even missed NCIS the other day falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV) - that has been a very welcome addition to the family =)

Mind you if you try to have this conversation in a less monologuey kind of way the obvious response is that if you're in a snowy climate its going to be even colder.

The thing is I can deal with cold outside, its the complete lack of heating indoors
here that gets me.

(as I mentioned we had some chilly weather in Denmark while we were over there but indoors was always perfect - the heating is set to 20 all year round! aaaah the luxury!)

Well, I guess, all the more reason to knit mittens, hey ;)
I have yarn all ready to go for finishing the Boy's manly mitts, and also for two more pairs of corazon mittens (for mum and J-Mo).
(I also have an idea for a modification on the squirrelly mitts in mind)

I had been hoping to be finished with the manly mitts by now, I'm sure the boy is keen to have them in the aforementioned cold, but this whole falling asleep the second I sit down is really slowing me down!

I do have a project ready for the danish sourced angora - there was a very pretty pattern for a shawl on the front on a danish magazine I bought, but I would like to try something else in lace before I try a pattern in danish.

Luckily I do still have a ball of lovely reddy maroon coloured kid mohair from England (Cambridge none the less!) that needs a lacey pattern.
Hmmmm help?

Oooh, speaking of knitting and communities and help and patterns and all things exciting like that, I checked my position in the Ravelry queue tonight - there are only 751 people ahead of me!
This might sound like kind of a lot, but there are 11694 behind, so in that perspective it sounds pretty good after all!
I'm not sure how quick the line is moving, but I'm pretty happy to be at that end of it =)

Today's pictures are brought to you by Odense - the home town of fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen.
Aah pretty pretty prettty!!!!

The house believed to be his place of birth has been transformed into a museum - it's very cool.
It was intersting to read a bit about H.C.Andersen as a person - I was really struck by the similarities between him and Vincent van Gogh in how socially awkward they both were - for example being so keen to make close friends with their colleagues but being kept at arms length by everyone around them.

And did I mention pretty pretty?

Besos =)

***edited to add***
Not that I'm being all OC disease (don't call it that!) about this or anything, but just to get an idea of how fast things are moving I checked my position again just now, (midday Friday) and there are now only 676 ahead of me!!!
At this rate I should hopefully get my invite sometime in the next week hurrah =)Now I must get that laptop fixed in preparation =)


  1. What, you can't knit while standing? Would certainly make it harder to sleep ;)

  2. You would think after 200-odd years of living here Australians would *get* that it gets a bit cold around these here parts! I agree, houses in Europe are so much better at it, making the cold weather seem so much less, well, cold!

    *waves from waaaay in back of the queue* wont be long - I feel such a doofus for taking so long to join the ravelry line!


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