Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just so you know, if anyone is interested in trying out the Sullivans sock yarn now might be a good time - today I got a 120g ball for $10 (instead of $12.99)!!!

Could be just the thing for a Southern Summer of Socks!

oh, its probably obvious but, just incase, the pic there is not from Lincraft. Its from Garnlageret, a store Mum and I visited while we were in Denmark (Aarhus, to be exact =)).

I bought some gorgeous alpaca (colour 21) there, its waiting to become a shawl....

aaaah sweet souvenir yarn!


  1. yes I have been meaning to go back and check the price.

    I suspect it will go even lower as the weather gets warmer. But, the good colours might be gone. I'll probably have a bet each way!

  2. Dude, that is where I shop all my yarn! :D Most of it, anyway. And they just started carring DROPS yarns.. It's perfect!!


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