Thursday, September 20, 2007

grrrrrrr (arrrrg?)

It's preliminary finals time for the AFL this weekend and, I have to admit, I'm really excited (even though my Hawks are out of the running for the 2007 premiership)

Actually, mostly I can't wait to see who makes it into the big one so that I can start thinking up designs for some Grand Final cupcakes! =)

I made these guys for J-Mo's birthday a couple of weeks ago (the weekend of the cheesy brownie! =)) - they're Brisbane Lions =)

However it turns out this weekend, there's going to be some combination of blue or black with white (well, ok there may be some teal thrown in there =s).

Cats I'm down with, kangas too, but how the heck would I put a power on a cupcake???

besos =)

ps. I have been knitting too, alongside all the footy fever!!!
I'm up to the second sleeve of my jet cardi - hoping to finish it this weekend, then I just have button-bands and making-up. jiipppppppa! =)


  1. squeeee! those are adoreable. i have one skein of variegated 4ply in greeny-limey-lemon and one in 5ply in pinky/purpley/bluey/grey. ;)

  2. wow, did you design the lions yourself? They are gorgeous!

  3. I love the cup cakes, they are cute and so funny!! Hoe the cardi goes well. I am not a footy fan. I like to go shopping in AFL grand Final time!! The shops are quite empty!!!

  4. I love them!!!! They make me think of the Wizard of Oz more than football though!

  5. Great cupcakes - would a little lightning bolt work for Power? Is that even their symbol? Can you tell Im not much of a fotty fan either...

    Good news on the jet cardi, cant wait to see it!


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