Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hellooooooo spring =)

We've had gorgeous spring weather here in Canberra this weekend (actually, just as I'm writing this I've realised we had the doors open most of the day and haven't used the heater at all tonight!!).

For my part, I did all I could to see in September in the most suitable way I know - as much footy as possible! =)

That said, I'm not really keen to talk about what happened in AFL today.
I don't think its a coincidence that Australian Idol starts this week, and I'm so glad it did!!!

I think Mark is my favourite, but I should probably reserve any of those kind of judgements until he actually makes top twelve, to avoid early disappointmet (see above: not wanting to talk about what happened today)

Oh, btw, my personal tool of the year award goes out to channel seven.

Whilst watching said football I managed to get some progress in on the Jet cardie I started last week - check it out =)
Huzzah for quick knit 12 ply!

I pretty much finished the entire left front during a football and Buffy watching marathon with J-Mo on Friday night!

This weekend also saw the opportunity for some gardening and home beautification, this weekend I took on both bathroom and ensuite, front balcony (geraniums, roses and herbs), as well as some cute springy cupcakey goodness =)

Mmm, bring on spring.
And, you know, there's always next week....


  1. Sounds like a lovely (and productive) weekend! Lots of lovely cardi done, and cupcakes too. Yay, Spring!

  2. Such a cute cupcake!! I have all of Buffy and Angel sitting, waiting to be watched... We are up to season 7 of Stargate so they will have to wait!! Nice cardie, and it has grown so quickly, must be the Spring weather!!!

  3. I love September for the very reasons you've mentioned - the house gets to breathe for the first time in yonks and we don't have to turn the heater on... and all the excitement of the footy!


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