Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They say there's always next season

Sad but true the season is now officially over for the Hawks (although having several suspensions to serve next year does kind of draw it out over the off season)

The boy and I made a lightning trip to Melbourne to enjoy the finals fever atmosphere of Septopia in the flesh, and despite the eventual result of the game enjoy we certainly did!!

On arrive around 10:30am Saturday we went looking for breakfast in one of our fave spots Block Place.
Ohh, I could sit there all day!!!

Actually, I felt kinda bad about planning my day in Melbourne around all the places we wanted to stop and eat/coffee until the Boy so eloquently reminded me that mostly what we're looking for in a Melbourne trip is "food and footy" =)

It was so exciting to be going to a football final - all day we saw people everywhere in their Hawks colours, a knowing nod or hopeful smile for each whose met our eye - kind of like being part of an exclusive club.

As it was a night game we had the whole day to hang out, most of which we spent wandering the city.

Amongst the (window) shopping highlights I managed to hit Melbourne Central Borders, AFL world, the Foreign Language Bookshop (where I picked up a danish movie I've been after for ages!) and Clegs (managed to restrain myself and left empty handed!)

Along the walk to the MCG the Herald Sun have an exhibition of some of their best footy photography - I even got to high-five Jim Stynes on the way to the ground!

The game was actually pretty ordinary - final result aside and all - with neither team really having 'come to play' finals footy.

To be honest I wasn't even that disappointed with how the game turned out.
I was just thrilled to have been in Melbourne, with my Boy (did I mention he's all finished with his study? huzzah!) at a finals game - the first of many, I'm sure. =)


  1. awesome photos. I especially like the third one!

  2. Great photos! Sounds like you had a wonderfully fun time :)

    Tonight's Unit One again - bliss...


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