Wednesday, September 26, 2007

tick tock

I have no idea where the past week - mostly I have been buried under the burden of selection criteria and statements of claims - eeeek!

The jet cardi is still coming along nicely - I can't believe how long the second sleeve is taking.

However I do expect it wil be done in the next two days or so.
My next mission is to select the colour for the bands - I'm thinking I'll probaly go with the pale greyey purple colour.

Next week I'm in Melbourne for two nights for work and I'm thinking about taking a new project to work on....

I'm feeling the vest love (hmmm maybe its this sleeve issue that I'm having putting me off arms....) and I'm thinking about this one, but without the tie?... hmmmmm.... new project possibilities....

btw, the pic is from Denmark - we visited a little antiquey type store just down the street from my host-parents' place. This room was full of clocks - it was kind of creepy...


  1. Fingers crossed and thumbs pressed for you....

    Ive been struggling to find a nice vest pattern that's shaped and not in either 5 ply or #&^*@ aran weight (ie. in 8ply!), so will watch with interest. I love the one you've got your eye on, but cant bear all those little stitches....

  2. I love the look of vests but find it hard to find the right time/temp to wear them. I have vague plans for a striped 4/5ply one(using up some plain colours and some sock wool bits I have). Bryant's slipover is lovely but I think the colourwork might make it too warm for me (I mean if I need that much warmth then my arms are getting cold!)

  3. Could you send me your address in a spare moment? :P I've got the magazine all ready for you (and I re-opened my account, too!) so I'll get it shipped off ASAP. :)

  4. oh I love that vest. I love that cute preppy look :) Make it. I dare ya :)


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