Sunday, December 09, 2007


As you may have read in a number of places on the www, today the lovely Bells did a wonderful job of hosting us at a yarny Christmassy crafternoon!
Squeeeee check out those cuppies!

It was so nice to catch up with some of the Canberra girls who I haven't seen for a while, and also to meet some 'special guest stars'!!!

I've had a bit of project ADD lately - planning mittens, fondling sock yarn, searching for lace patterns, and working on two different sets of grannys, but I did finally get a start on the mittens.
They're a giftie knit, so I may not be able to say more about those yet...

Did I mention the prize?
A little while ago I won a prize (hurrah) over at SSoS, just for being a sock knitting newbie!
Checkout the loot - a cute little tin with two pretty pretty stitch-markers inside and a gorgeous yellow project bag (a la Rose Red =))

Thanks for an excellent crafternoon, guys =D



  1. It was lovely to meet you too - A star in the Kitchen also no less.

  2. That photo of the gingerbread pattie cake is making me droooooollll at the memory!

    Your culinary delights were spectacular too! Another highlight of the afternoon!


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