I have very little to say this week - work and everything is busy at the moment.. - so instead here's another tasty Christmassy treat =)
- mini-Christmassy puds -

I adapted these from a recipe I've seen around a few places, since I know a number of people who aren't super keen on fruit cake.

I took some of these along to to Bells' crafternoon, and, though they look impressive, I promise they're very easy!

Crush one packet of plain biscuits (something like milk arrowroot or marie),
mix with one (eta 395g) can of condensed milk, half a cup of desicated coconut and 2 tablespoons of cocoa.
Roll into little balls and chill til firm.
Once firm, dip each ball into melted dark chocolate to coat.

Allow dark chocolate to set, then put a little bit of white chocolate on the top to look like custard.
Before the white chocolate sets decorate with red and green lollies to look like holly.
I used chopped up red and green frogs - I think miny M&ms would work really well too (ooh,I added peppermint essence too, since I do like to mint it up a bit =D )

They're delish with coffee!



  1. So when you say one can.....do you mean a small can, a large can? I have a tube of cond. milk, would that be ok?

  2. Oooh, thank you for this recipe - dangerous! I think I'll have to make these ones, they were SUPER YUMMY!!


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