Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 - official year of getting it together

If you were around here this time last year you may have witnessed me going on (and on) about New Year and being anti-resolutions.

However, this doesn't mean that I don't think that hanging up the new calendar isn't a good chance to think about where you're at and where you want to be.

I think it's fair to say the Boy and I have been through a couple of crazy, up and down years - in the past two years or so we've moved out into our place for the first time, transitioned from 'studenthood' to the 'real' workforce, and lost his mum late in 2006 - which sent shock waves well into 2007.

I'm hoping for a more settled 2008 - a chance to sit back and put things in order, combat some of the chaos that has taken over - my goal is to make 2008 "the year of getting it together."

My first step? Chucking stuff out!
As a result of a couple of 'quick and dirty' house moves we have and overwhelming amount of stuff.

Stuff in boxes, stuff in bags, stuff we don't use, stuff that we don't even know we have.

We're both on leave from work until the 7th (work - ugh) and, let me tell you, it's 'stuff wars' chez kuka this week.

Those magazines there - all of them went yesterday (some of them were nearly 3 years old!! That means they've moved house with me 3 times!!) and the Boy reduced 'unpacked boxes' in the living room from about 10 to 4.

The wardrobe in the spare room is next - most of what is in there hasn't been worn for at least a year (or 4) and is on its way to Vinnies.

Yesterday was pretty warm work - the perfect opportunity to give the new blender (ooh more Christmassy goodness) a test run...

Who knew chucking stuff out could be so refreshing?

besos =)


  1. I am all in favor of throwing things out - I always feel so good when I clean something out around my house. Especially if it's followed by yummy frozen blender drinks!! LOL - Happy New Year!

  2. I hear you on the unpacked box thing! I just wrote about it in my blog!

    Hooray for chucking things out and getting organised. You won't know yourself - you honestly won't!

  3. Happy New Year!! I have the same problem, I cannot bear to throw out magazines with recipes and patterns, I just always think I will need them if I do. Hats off to you!! The blender drinks look yummy and I love your cupcakes, they look delicious!!!

  4. You bring up memories of all the moves I had to endure as a kid (at least I wasn't responsible from the adult point of view!) so I'm glad you're getting the "stuff" overload under control. How do we all collect magazines to this magnitude??


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