Thursday, January 31, 2008

My friends are all celebrity. My friends are all in magazines.

Have I ever introduced you to my fabulous, talented friend Jejune???

Jejune is our resident artist and designer (crosswords/puzzles and knitting - or both in one!) chez Canberra SnB - check out her gorgeous Knitting Art water colours.

Well, we're not the only ones who recognise her talents, as some time ago she was approached by Vogue Knitting (!!!!!), who wanted to include a short article in their latest issue about her work.
(I can't wait to get my hands on an issue - as soon as I see it somewhere other than Borderrs, where its air-freight price!!)

To celebrate, a couple of weeks ago Jejune had an 'OMFG I'm in Vogue Knitting' contest and (hurrah) I was one of the ten lucky winners!

Early this week my 'loot' arrived!
Have a lookie at this!

There are cards featuring some of the Knitting Art prints, a Shiraz Socks fridge magnet and matching bookmark, and mmmmmmm chocolate....

I know you're jealous - but your can get your own at the Knitting Art shop.
These are mine, all mine!

Thanks Jejune - and a zillion congratulations
(we're all so proud of our famous friend!!)


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  1. Thanks Kuka - I'm so glad you love your goodies :)


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