Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shot through the heart

Ok, brace yourself for some gushy goodness....

The concert was sooooooooo excellent!!!
Jon Bon Jovi is HOT!!! Seriously, that man is ageing super well!
He was absolutely eighties-tastic, with that hair and the vest, and oooh those cheekbones and the dreamy smile!!!
We were totally shot through the heart - and Jon Bon Jovi's to blame!

Ritchie Sambora was amazing on the guitar - it never really occured to me how amazing a job he does, but when you actually see him play it is incredible!
They came across as having really great chemistry too.

The show itself was full of surprises - both in what was in the set and what was left out - and so I don't want to ruin the surprise for anone else who might be going, but I will say that I loved the bits where they did covers.
There was a great mix of old and new stuff, although I have to say I think the crowd totally got more into the old stuff - it's more dramatic, too, I think.

Oooh, and did I mention that Jon is hot??

If you're interested, you can checkout what others had to say here and here (and, in my opinion, completely ignore anything the smh has to say about it...ETA, ok, to be fair I've linked the smh article, really I mostly object to the part about Leonard Cohen - like I said I thought the coverey bits were excellent - a surprise and fun =))

btw, the set was over 2.5 hours long - so, rest assured, I've got plenty more Bon Jovi titles up my bloggy sleeve =)


  1. Oh I thought the SMH was begrudgingly kind about the show, really. He admitted to being a casual fan, yes, but gave credit where credit was due! I think he was poking fun at them nicely.

    So glad you had a great time!

  2. Haven't been to a big concert in soooooooooo long! Lokks like a great one (ahh the eighties! the lycra, the hair, the shoulder pads)

  3. I would have loved it, can't argue with you at all, except you must be a bit too young... that's not THE hair that featured in the poster that used to be lovingly bluetacked to my wardrobe door. The hair he's got these days is 'neat casual' hair by comparison!!


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