Friday, January 04, 2008

Would someone please get me out of here?!

I can appreciate the benefit of Summernats on the local economy.
And, yes, it was kind of cool to see Decepticon Barricade in Braddon on Thursday night.
But, next year, could someone please remind me that this whole scary people in shiny cars thing is always worse than I remember?

Last night I was required to produce identification in order to get into my own home.
Whilst I understand the requirement for some kind of security (its not like I'm inviting guys to come and do burnouts on the tennis courts!), I maintain that it is unreasonable to assume that residents will carry their parking permit (hello, I wasn't driving - why would I have the parking permit on me?) or proof of residence on them at all times, with-out notification that it would be required!!

This morning we awoke to the sounds of cheering crowds and burning rubber, then the bus stopped short of its usual route (changed traffic conditions, poorly publicised changes to buses) and the Boy had to meet me at the gate to prevent having my comings and goings recorded by those fascists with clipboards. (Since the parking permit was in the car, not in my handbag on the bus!) Incidentally, the Boy - a law talking guy - tells me it's illegal for them to demand identification like that.

So please, in the middle of December, when I'm insisting that "Summernats isn't so bad", please point me in the direction of this post. Permission to slap if necessary.


  1. Oh yes - stupid dumbass boys making smoke and noise in even more stupid dumbass cars! _ Have they any idea what they're doing to the environment (we have lots of boy racers round here - hate 'em - really worry about what will happen if a child (MY CHILD) or animal gets on the road! Mutter, grumble, mutter

  2. Oh my freakin heck! Nazi germany anyone? That post scared the bejesus out of me.

    I don't think you'll need any reminding about the evils of Summernats after your experiences this year sugar.


  3. Sydney was lovely. Quiet. All the bogans had left town for Canberra and the usual Saturday night lap around Potts Point didn't happen.

    Of course we came back at 6 tonight and thought, as we came up over the Horse Park Drive overpass, thate there ws a huge fire in Mitchell. Nope - just burnouts to the extreme!

  4. Very scary indeed - wonder what would have happened if you'd refused to produce id on legal grounds.

    Just another reason why bogans should be......(maybe I'll keep my exact thoughts to myself, but, you know what Im thinking!) How to spoil it for everyone.


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