Friday, February 01, 2008


Today marks the start of Project Spectrum III.

I think from the very beginning the project spectrum movement took off in a much bigger way than Lolly expected, and again she has added a new twist to keep it fresh - this year each of the four colour groups is also associated with one of the classical elements.

The line-up for PS Elements is as follows:

FEBRUARY / MARCH - FIRE- orange, red, pink

APRIL / MAY - EARTH - green, brown, metallics

JUNE / JULY - AIR - grey, white, yellow

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER - WATER - blue, black, purple

I'm really interested to see the inspiration the elements bring to project spectrum.
Personally, as well as exploring the colour/element combinations, I'm looking forward to some PS photography =)

You can read more about project spectrum at Lolly's blog, and check out the ravelry and flickr groups for some colourful inspiration!

Its also not too late to get involved in the Project Spectrum Artist Trading Card swap - sign-ups are open until February 14.

Is anyone else in??

besos =)

btw, with all this talk of elements I now have the Captain Planet song in my head! Earth. Fire. Wind. Water. Heart. eeeeek!!

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  1. PS looks very interesting this year. I did it the first time, I found it by accident. I like your illustrations for each element!!!Now I have Captain Planet in my head too!!!


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