Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hot date

The Boy is out of town (Law camp. Don't ask.) and I have hot date lined up.

See, Thursday nights I belong to Gordon Ramsay.

I love Kitchen Nightmares.

Can you believe those people??

I mean, come on - Gordon Ramsay is at your restaurant.

If he's telling you your food is shite, he's probably right.

Do they really think he would be there if they didn't have crazy big bad restaurant issues???

And then they stand there telling him that they know better how to cook, or how to run a restaurant?

And I absolutely adore 'Chef Ramsay'.

Just ask the Boy - I think he was glad to be out of the house on a Thursday, so that he doesn't have to hear the talk about how great Gordon is.

About how he's a fabulous, caring man who's just misunderstood on account of his speech being so heavily peppered (teehee get it?? Pepper, and he's a chef? hehe) with 'the F-word'.

And did you know he's Scottish??

And he as a younger man he was a very promising football player scouted by the Rangers?

I guess the training accident that did his knee in was a blessing to the culinary world..

And, ok, I'm just gonna put it right out there, laugh if you must, but there is something oddly attractive about him.

Is it just me?

Or is he really kind of ruggedly handsome?
(Ok, in a very rugged way?)

In any case, tonight its just me, Chef Ramsay, Shedir and a nice hot cup of tea.
Oh, and perhaps a bucket o' m&ms.

Bliss =)

besos =)


  1. Tonight.
    Was the night.
    That I got Mr QM addicted to Kitchen Nightmares. He's gonna be talking about it for weeks now!

  2. It was awesome, hey - I love it when Gordon has a go at the customers teehee

  3. Pretty pretty knitting!! (but my heart belongs to Simon and Maggie - and Bill sometimes - and Bender and Curtis)

  4. Hey fangirl, I've never seen the show, but ... do you like Gordon Ramsey? I never would have guessed!!!

  5. Your Shedir is coming along so well! And it's so pretty! If I didn't already have a billion projects on the needles I would cast on for it, too. :P


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