Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheep cheap (and quick too!)

Mmmm, well, we've made it through the long weekend, free of diabetic coma (yes, that's a lot of chocolate) and heart attack (the return of the footy season is so exciting!).

Incidentally, both our teams were winners, and neither team was involved in a public urination scandal, so it was a good weekend for footy =)

Today, while watching the first season of Degrassi High, I knit up this little eastery guy.

He was super quick and easy, and I'm pleased with the overall results, but I'm still not entirely happy with how the toy faces are comng out.

Source: Berroco
Yarn: Lincraft's dk acrylic, and while its not obvious in the pictures the beak is quite a bit darker than the body.
Needles: 3.5mm DPNs
Modifications: I pretty much followed the pattern, but on this advice (oooh, I that's one of my newest fave blogs =)) used smaller needles and picked up stitches for the wings (rather than knitting and sewing on later).

It was really hard to photograph, actually - I think he's cuter in 'the flesh'(?) - the beak looks so daggy in the photos.

This weekend I also managed to get the second smockie done - I'll have some 'modelled' pics soon =)

Good luck surviving if you're back to work for a short week this week - why are the short ones always the longest? (and what happened to the past 4 days, anyway??)

besos =)

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