Sunday, March 09, 2008

*cue wee-wee jiggle!!*

Oooh had a make-upy playdate with Dood today =D
I was very excited to have someone over for coffee and girly fun =)

And it was also a fab excuse for some bakey goodness - profiteroles!!

Mmmm I love these guys - they are really so simple to make, but people are always impressed since they seem so fancy at the same time. (ssshhhhh - don't tell, ok? teehee)

I can remember making profiteroles from a fairly young age with my sisters - probably because they don't require any special ingredients so we would have always had everything on hand (water, butter, flour and eggs for the pastry - chocolate an optional extra, really) and the whole lot is done in one saucepan so less washing up.

(ok, I'm ashamed to say, it was probably usually left for mum...)

They can be filled with cream or custard, in this case I've used 'confectioners custard' which also makes these particular profiteroles much less decadent than they appear - its just a basic white sauce (I used a little bit of reduced fat butter and skim milk), allowed to cook until fairly thick and egg yolks added at the end.

Then you flavour with some sugar and vanilla. Deeeeelish! =)

I really did have a fabulous afternoon, and recommend a session of make-up victiming to any of the Canberra SnB gang who get the chance =)

Dood has some pics on her make-upy blog, if you didn't get enough of my big head last week ;)

besos =)


  1. Jeez, you set the bar high, Kuka! How am I supposed to beat profiteroles when Dood comes over to mine?? Sheesh!

    I havent made them in years and years though, so now Im all nostalgic...yum!

  2. Oh yum, profiteroles! I once made a croquembouche (LONG time ago) ... I like the sound of the confectioner's custard. Hmm, my son (who won't eat anything with whipped cream in it) might even eat that.

    And you (and Taph) both look gawjus! It's fun having your face 'done' isn't it :)


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