Monday, March 10, 2008

hurrah, a new project!

I've spend the past week (or so) as follows:
Browsing patterns.
Choosing a pattern.
Changing my mind.
Choosing something else.
Casting on.
Sighing again.
Moving back up to the browsing all over again, and repeating ad nauseam.

I've seen things I like.
But something has always been just not quite right.
I'm starting to feel like I'm looking at projects like Jerry looks at women, you know.

This project is great when I work on it in the lounge room - move into the kitchen and its hideous (bad light?).
That project is divine - but those ladies' mitts are only gonna fit on man-hands.

But I think I've finally found something to keep me interested (well, at least until I see it in the kitchen trying to open a jar of pickles - naked)


Cute, huh?

From what I understand, this fingerless mitts patten was developed for a Norwegian design competition.

The winner of which was these gorgeous guys - aaaah so pretty!

Half of my problem has been that so much of the stuff I want to knit is in 4ply, and I find it really difficult to get a good range of the kinds of colours I'd like to use in 4ply.

(Actually, the only way I can think of to get around this is to kidnap a certain Spider of cheery disposition, and have her in the spare room, spinning and dyeing on command..... hmmmm) ;)

Anyhoo, these Smockies are being worked up in, you guessed it, feathersoft! hehe
I think I'll use pink for the contrasty bits.

Assuming I get that far ;)

besos =)


  1. Has there been a seinfeld fest in your house lately Kuka? Some great links there. Such memories.

    Those mitts are FANTASTIC! Get to it!

  2. Smockies are gorgeous Kuka! Ive got some Drops Alpaca in the stash....maybe we should talk!


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