Saturday, March 15, 2008

sprung ;)

Oooh, with the heat
(35ish today, although I do feel kinda bad for everyone in Adelaide - its been over 35C for about 14 days straight now, and its likely to keep up for most of next week too!!!) we've been having here winter seems a thousand weeks away, let alone thinking about spring.

When it does finally come, though, that's how spring looks here in Canberra =)

And in the knitting blogosphere spring looks like this.

After the initial excitement (under which I blogged yesterday) of discovering the latest knitty had been published, a quick look at my 'friends activity' revealed that I was probably the last to know, but also gave me some hints as to the best patterns this time round =)

I have 4 faves this time around =) (probably no surprises hehe)
Ooh, ok wait, 5 ;)

The lace ribbon scarf (more pics) - aaah so pretty =)
I think this will be great for Canberra winter - warm but not too heavy =)

Honeycomb. Oooh, I love a good vest!!!

Ok, I'll admit I do have a couple of vests in the queue already, but this might just be the year for vests, and this one goes straight to the top =D

Yosemite. This is such a cute short sleeved knit - if this guy turned out I think I'd get a lot of wear out of it. =)

And the bag - Brighton.
I do love a bag too (and, yes, if you wanna know about the bag queue see above re vest queue!).

Ooh, I nearly forgot Spirogya - its wristwarmer fever! =p

Grand plans =)
Doesn't everyone go nuts for the new knitty? =p

besos =)


  1. Oh oh oh I think I'm first here!! I saw you were first on the Tarn Harlot too!!! It is so hot here: 30* here is like 40* on the mainland- ask incomers!!!
    I like the scarf too, vest also good!!! Spring seems like such a long way away!!!

  2. That Yosemite made me drool and long for my needles.



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