Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thank goodness for YouTube

How is it that I didn't know that Russell Robertson in one of the contestants on It Takes Two this season???
And this week he was dancing in his underwear??!!
(thank-you Risky Business! ;) )

Well, thanks to the wonders of 'modern technology' (aka YouTube) its my pleasure to present Russell: =)

(There's a shorter but better quality highlights version here if you prefer =))

If Russell isn't enough to make you drool, check out my Saturday morning all to myself breakfast there!!

Pancakes with frozen raspberries - mmmmmmmmm

Usually a batch of pancakes would be too much for one person, but this recipe from BBC food (always my first port of call when I'm searching the innernets for a recipe) only makes about 3 or 4 - I usually do a double batch if we're both home, and if there are a couple left over they're good for a weekendy afternoon tea =)

These are nice and fluffy - kinda like pikelets, except because they're made with plain flower you don't get that fuzzy teeth self-raising flour feeling, you know.

I've been reading a bit this weekend - I seriously haven't read anything for ages - Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides.

Yes, it was on Oprah's recommendation, but I have heard around that it is good.
And I am really enjoying it =)

One more bit of excitement for the weekend - the Boy and I just booked tickets to see Harry Connick Jr and his BIG band!!!

Right here in Canberra!!!

I knew he was touring, but I had no idea that he was coming here - I had only seen shows in Sydney and Melbourne advertised!!

Then the Boy and I were breakfasting (oooh, they make the most amazing tomatoes!!) this morning, and saw a Canberra show advertised!
28th of March, and there were still tickets!

Besos =)


  1. Yay for pancakes! And yay for Harry! I'm glad you were able to get tickets.

  2. Excellent pancake recipe, I will bookmark it!! At our house the first pancake or pikelet is always designated The Dog Pancake (or Pikelet) It is always a bit boogelly, and the secong one is always much better. I love Harry!! I wore out his first CD I played it so much!!

  3. Shedir looks beautiful and so do the pancakes - love Harry - wish I could go too!

  4. I'm so jealous over your Harry tickets. Saw him 13 yrs ago in Sydney and still swoon at the memory.


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