Wednesday, March 19, 2008

when fashion is your friend

Fashion. Its a funny old game.
Seriously, who decides what's fashionable??
Most fashion is incredibly unflattering for most people.

But sometimes fashion flips, and give you a helping hand when you least expect it.

For a couple of seasons now the shops have been full of the empire line - now, let's be honest, is there anyone who doesn't look pregnant in an empire line?

Uh-oh, not the best look when you're not...

On the other hand, I have a pregnant friend, who is cheering about the great range of 'maternity clothes' in every store.

Then there's the tucking of jeans into boots.
Eeeeeek. (really, just eeeeek. I have no other words.)
Don't get me wrong, its just the tucking in I have issues with.
I have nothing against the boots.
Actually, I'm quite partial to a knee-high boot.

Thing is, it would seem I'm too big for my boots.
Well, for anyone's boots.
Ihas been nigh on impossible to find a boot of, well let's say, suifficiently generous calf proportions for my generously proportioned calves.
In fact, I tend to be lucky if I can get the zip much further than the cankle.

And, word on the street is, I'm not alone.
So, about this time each year I develop something of an obsession with boots.
I study the US and UK websites, admiring their wide(ish) range of wide leg boots.
I visit every shoe retailer every second day, just incase a delivery has arrived carrying a couple of pairs of larger boots.
On the other days I visit clothing stores, in my mind putting together the perfect funky outfit to compliment my new boots.

Until about June I keep thinking: perhaps this will be the year?
The boot people will realise peoples legs are bigger than their boots.
Boots will be bigger, and zip up, all the way, in a second.
I'll buy 7 pairs, in different colours and different styles.
I'll be so much cooler than I've ever been without boots, my footy team will win the grand final and M&Ms will rain from the heavens.

Needless to say, no joy so far.

But, perhaps this will be the year.

I read a post somewhere on the world wide wonderful internets (I've come across dozens of message board post threads on the boots to small/too big issue) that some one had bought a pair at Target.
Someone else 2 pairs at KMart.

Target were open late tonight, so I slipped in to check it out.

I sat down to try some boots, and in what I can only describe as a miracle of Easter, they zipped up.
All the way.
Ok, sure, there was some squeezing and squashing, and at one point I stopped to make sure I had tissues in my handbag, just incase I caught some skin in the zip and drew blood.

And they were a little tight, but leather stretches, right?

And they ZIPPED. UP.

Turns out all those fashionable people were having trouble stuffing their jeans into their boots.
So the some of the boot makers have come out with something that has little more room around the leg this season.
To accomodate all those people who want to wear their jeans tucked into their boots.

I'll take the boots where I can, and if you're a little thick of calf (mine measure about 17" at the biggest point, just to give you an idea) and have been looking for boots go check it out.

I didn't buy them, in case you're wondering.
I'm gonna check out what KMart have first.
I figure if they're out there I can afford to be a little picky ;)

besos =)

The yarny goodness there is merci a Spidey - she found a bag of blue 4ply feathersoft in the delivery of yarn she received a week or two ago, and thought I might be interested. When she brought it in for me to SnB on Sunday it was accompanied by this skein, also feathersoft but 8 ply, which she had over-dyed!!!! Check out the gorgeous, strong colours! Apparently its the nylon that takes the dye so well =)


  1. Thanks for the tip on Walmart and Kmart! I have the same problem with boots - I did find one pair, a couple of years ago, that I could get on - but I had to go up one foot size in order to achieve that fit, so I feel like those boots make my feet look enormous. One tip I learned while boot shopping is that you can use a shoelace threaded through the eye of the zip pull in order to gain a little extra 'purchase' on the pull - really helps when boots will * almost * zip up but not quite.

  2. I got mine at Target after having the same issue - and they're great!

  3. I share your boot pain. Duoboots does (apparently) ship to Australia, and sometimes has sales on...

    Another tip re zipping boots up (which you may already know) is that sticking your leg up in the air makes it easier to zip them up. Lying on your back and doing this even more so. Not very practical in a shoe store however...

  4. I too have 'athletic' calves!!! A lovely girl in the posh shoe shop said that in the nicest way. We compared calves and though tall and slim she couldn't find boots to fit either. I am now calmly resigned!! Wishing you every boot luck though!!!


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