Friday, April 25, 2008

Birthday weekend

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes - I don't think I've had so many Happy Birthdays since my whole school class was invited to my birthday party (I was 11, and there was only 9 of us in the class!!)

There was a very exciting Gordony present from the boy (who was very pleased with himself for having remembered to buy wrapping paper, only to discover when he started wrapping that the lovey silver paper he'd picked out was actually clear cellophane...hehe)

The Boy made pancakes for breakfast, we had a visit from Maria, and then party pies and footy =)

We went out for a lovely dinner, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology (thanks Skype and facebook chat =)) I was able to talk to my Danish family, and catch up with some other friends =)

The birthday excitement continues through the weekend (I believe a birthday should last until you next have to go back to boring old work - I get the whole weekend this year!) - I'm catching up with Liv (whose birthday it is next week) tomorrow, then seeing the Boy's dad for lunch on Sunday and J-Mo in the afternoon =)

Thanks again for your kind thoughts =)


  1. Hooray for happy birthdays!

    So glad you are having a great birthday weekend.

  2. Very Happy Birthday, however long it lasts!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  4. SO far behind on blogs it's not funny - a very happy belated birthday to you!!!


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