Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FO Marching on

I'm not sure why this guy took me so long to finish.
Perhaps just for the fact that I have to get off the couch to get my crochet hook and, let's face it, by the time my butt hits that couch off an evening it's gonna take more than a crochet hook to get me up (unless, of course, I've sat on said hook).

Here's the deets...
Pattern: Cygnus square
Yarn: Something acrylic from Big W (?)
Hook: 6.5mm (K)
Modifications: Nope
Size: 12"

Granny squares continue to fascinate me, and the 12" block-a-month CAL is still proving to be a great way to explore different patterns, and techniques - last month there was surface chaining, this month there's some crocheting into back of loop (I love how it looks like a real frame - I seriously think it's amazing the variety you can get from crocheting a stitch only slightly differently like that!)

So, now I've got a week to get of my butt for April, before May hits!



  1. Nice work! The vividness of the orange really sets off the fancy design in the out borders of the block! I love it.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow too. You get a public holiday for your birthday - which I think is pretty awesome! And there's FOOTY!

  2. Thats so pretty! Ilove the colour - I think people who can crochet are so darn clever! (can you tell that I can't!)

  3. oh look at that! What a sweet little square. This is a great project.

    Happy birthday Anzac girl!

  4. It's so pretty! I have that problem, too, of getting up once settled, but for me it's the rocking chair. :)

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Very nice crocheting, the orange and the pattern go really well together. I like to crochet, but I can't do it without looking. I can knit without looking and so I tend to knit more.


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