Sunday, April 06, 2008

I spy pies

I'm an absolute sucker for tv advertisments, and I only had to see the latest for Donna Hay magazine once to be sold.

Would you have a look at the pies on the cover!!???

If there is one thing I love more than tv advertisments and magazines it's a pie.

Especially during footy season -the Boy and I like to have a pie with the footy.
Whilst we love the good old four'n twenty, as a weekly habit we've been on the look-out for something with slightly more (or any) nutritious value.

Plus, the making at home factor adds some fun, and you know how I get all nesty about stocking the freezer around this time of year....

I was show-and-telling the mag for a work colleague when she said it:
"Oh, you should get a pie-maker."

Can you believe I never thought of that myself!!!!!???

Presenting my brand new pie-maker!!

On Saturday afternoon we cooked up the Beef and Red Wine pies from the Essential Baking Cookbook (naturally!) - the recipe says it serves 6, but I got 14 pies!

I'm not sure if you can make out what's on the top of those guys in the machine, but the one on the right has a guy marking a footy on it!
(the one on the left has stars)

Tonight we cooked up some good old-fashioned apple pie - does that count towards our 2 & 5??? ;)

I see pies in our future.
Lots of pies =)


  1. OMG. Do you reckon this is easy enough to use by Mr QM? He's been talking non-stop about casseroles lately, and I'm just all "so go and make it already"!. I think he thinks thay are too hard. Pies could be the perfect answer.

    What are you using for the crust? It looks yummy delicious.

  2. Fabulous! I've longed wondered if they are all they're cracked up to be and you have just convinced me.

    I won't even suggest it to Sean. I'll just damn well go and get one.

  3. Oh oh oh!! I see stars and footy marking!! Last year we made pies with little pictures reperesenting the filling: hope that's not the case here!!! I have the new Donna Hay too, but I like the soups, I must get a pie maker!!

  4. I have a pie maker. I have not used it for years. At least 8 years I reckon...I must get it out again. Hope it still works...

  5. I was SO sold on that mag with the ad too! Such a sucker. Is the recipe any good?

    I too have considered the pie maker, but have so many damn appliances already....its very tempting though...

  6. Oh YUM!!!! It's gadget city here (breadmaker, icecream machine, penguin waffle machine, milkshaker, blender, processor, grinder, coffee machine, ) but I love the pie maker (like I need more carbos!). I think a slow cooker is higher on the wish list though..... but you're starting to sway me....


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