Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ooodles of boodle

Oooh, there's been some boodle enhancement going on chez kuka!!
(Ok, despite how that sounds it has nothing to do with JLo-esque cosmetic surgery - my butt is just quite badonkadonk enough already, thank-you very much!)

Our Happy Spider recently received quite the delivery, and let me know that there might be a couple of things I was interested in...
Oooh, was she right!!!
Thanks Spidey!! ;)

I've got:

11 balls of paleish yellow Moda Vera Supremo cotton.

I've never really worn much yellow before - well, except my footy jumper ;) - but this spring/summer I've been all over it (or, it's been all over me - more accurately. And it suits me - I always get compliments in yellow =)
I'm thinking cardi for these, but not sure quite what...

Then there's the baby yarn.

Spidey originally asked whether I would be interested in the purple and limey green feathersoft (ooooooooh yes!!!), when I checked out what she had I put my hand up for some white and pink panda magnum too =) 10 balls of each!
(Actually, looking at the colour range at the Patons website it looks like they've got the feathersoft coming in some stronger colours - including red and navy blue!)

As well as a couple more things for Can Assist, I plan on trying out a couple of baby patterns. (They're so little!!!)
Speaking of little and baby clothes and knitting, I saw this picture on Ravelry today (that's the flickr link, though).
I think the bigger sweater is for a newborn and a the same pattern pattern knit up for a premie - I could not believe the difference in size!!! How can someone be so tiny???

Mum's been doing some premmie knitting too, between us some how I think we'll manage to get through this yarn ok ;)

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  1. Oh yes - mine was prem - and I couldn't believe that a baby would drown in a 000 - they can!


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