Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday, Saturday

In over two years worth of weekends together the Boy and I have developed some Saturday rituals.
However, it was only when we had a weekend guest a couple of weeks ago that I realised what creatures of habit we have become, and at no time more so than during the winter - when there's footy on.

This weekend I thought it might be fun to share a typical footy season Saturday.

We love to do a good breakfast on Saturday morning, and whilst the rest of the year we can generally be found at one of our favourite breakfasty cafes, during winter we stay in.
This is partly because of the cold, but mostly because we love to listen to the Coodabeen Champions' radio footy show. Only the second hour is broadcast into Canberra, so we stream via the ABC Melbourne website.

The Boy is in charge of coffee (which is served in our footy mugs on Saturday mornings!), whilst I look after the food.
Sometimes we have french toast or pancakes, but lately it's been all about the waffles. I use Georgie's recipe - actually I've put a link in the sidebar there to save me looking it up every week! (I hope you don't mind George - I just love it!)

Whatever we have, it's usually served with bacon and maple syrup mmmmmm ;)

The Coodabeens finish at 1, so there's just enough time for a quick shower, and a trip to the shops if we need any supplies for the day.
Then at 2:10 it's game on - the afternoon is spent on the couch, crafting and watching whatever afternoon game is on TV.
This week was possibly the match of the round - Geelong vs Sydney - and was working on my March (yes, it is April, thanks for reminding me) square for the 12" block-a-month CAL I'm part of on Ravelry.

If either of our teams are playing on Saturday evening, and the game is only on pay TV, it's time to pull on the footy jumper and head off to our local club.

This week my Hawks were playing J-Mo's Lions, so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up for a drink or two.
Oh, and the Hawks won! Hurrah!

Of course, we're not totally inflexible about our Saturday - I mean, sometimes we watch the afternoon game at the club and the evening at home, or even skip the evening game and head to the club for the Sunday match instead =)

Do you have a Saturday ritual you don't like to break or other favourite weekend pleasure? I'd love to hear about it =)



  1. You two are more obsessed than I originally thought!

    We have become very ritualised on Saturday mornings - we head to the farmers market around 7.30, then pop in to the Watson IGA for fresh bacon and the Herald on the way home. Mr QM cooks, I do the coffee. By 9.30 the first of 3 loads of washing is on, and then it's just full-on laundry and kitchen cleaning while Mr QM gardens.

    After lunch is do-your-own-Saturday. And it usually involves footy too.

  2. Oh what a great ritual, I don't really like football, but I love the Coodabeens and if I'm not out at my ritual brunch I like to listen to them!!! LOVE the songs!!!

  3. Yum - waffles with bacon and maple syrup!

    I love to get up early on the weekend and leave husby to sleep in. I make a coffee and read blogs and knit, in the quiet. It's great.

  4. I love weekend rituals. :) when we stay at my boyfriend's flat, I usually arrive wit the train around a quarter to seven, and we're both pretty tired. Usually he'll have shopped before he picks me up and we'll make a REALLY quick dinner (or rather, he will - I set the table) and we'll rent three or four movies to watch during the weekend if we're not going somewhere. We usually go to bed early Friday since I'm exhausted from work and the almost two hours on train.

    I guess, on the quiet weekends the same thing goes for Saturday (except that instead of taking the train we lie in bed all day, play computer and knit) and then make something simple for dinner or order a pizza and watch movies till we pass out. :D

  5. During American football season (roughly September through January, including playoffs), we keep New England Patriots games sacred. Last season they played mostly night games, but typically it's Sunday afternoons. I often like to cook something winterish, a pot pie, perhaps, with apple crisp for dessert.

  6. We do the cooked brekkie thing on Sundays - could be my amazing fruit porridge, pancakes, french toast or penguin waffles - all of which the children help me cook. I am not a sports fan (with the possible exception of extreme knitting and extreme ironing) Then it's into the general round of weekendy stuff (garden, house, kids!)
    Hahaha - I am so infantile - the security word is SPOC BUM!


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