Thursday, April 24, 2008

torch day

This morning we left for work uber early, on account of wanting to avoid the traffic issues caused by some roads being closed for the torch.

The Balloon Spectacular is on this week (finishes Sunday 27), and as we were driving toward the city we could see 12 or so balloons lazily drifting around.

From the city, waiting for the bus, I could just see these two.

I was a bit excited about the view I would get coming across the bridge - the lake looks so nice at that time of the morning, and with all those balloons it would be gorgeous!
I made sure I had a window seat, and my camera at the ready to take a few quick snaps out the window.
By the time we were on the bridge...

Just a couple of guys on their way to join in the torch celebrations.

(Speaking of the torch, last week at the concert someone in the audience called out Free Tibet, and kd said indeed, and that maybe we'd bump into her stomping around for the cause. I thought she was joking, but check out some of these face in the crowd captures on Flickr.)

If you're around Canberra I would absolutely recommend getting up a bit early over the weekend and having a look at the balloons - it's a good excuse for a nice cafe breakky too =)


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