Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What do you mean you're not stuffing my salad in a funnel?

Ooooh, what a weekend!

Harry was FABULOUS!!!
He's so funny and charming, and, well, voice of an angel!!!
He sounded exactly like on his CDs, and did I mention he's funny?

The set was more big band jazz than big band swing (and his big band musicians were amazing) and, from the couple of reviews I've looked at, he seems to mix it up a bit each night, and his chat with the audience spontaneous rather than a scripted spiel to use at each concert.

Saturday morning, very early, I jumped on a plane to Melbourne to join my family in celebrating my youngest sister (E)'s 21st birthday!!

Mum wasn't expecting me (I only decided quite late I'd be able to make it) and was excited to have the chance to get some photos of us all together.

I have three younger sisters, and its quite rare for us all to be in the same place at the same time, and probably even more so to have Dad there too.

Luckily E got photoshop software as a birthday present, so now we don't even all have to be together for a family snap!! ;) (Joking, Mum hehe)

As usual there were lots of laughs, in particular on Sunday evening after Mum and I stumbled across a certain Secret Chimp on dvd (and sale!). Mum's been telling us about Lancelot Link as long as I can remember...

And how on earth did they get the chimps to do that?? There was an episode where they were threading a needle to sew on a button, or playing tennis??? Very silly! =)

That's Chef Ingy there, preparing chocolate croissants for our dessert on Sunday night.

Mmmmm - you just chop your puff pastry sheet into four triangles, spread with nutella and sprinkle with choc bits, then roll up and bake.

These guys were DELISH! Just the right amount of chocolatey! =)

Aah chocolate - you'd think we'd have had enough of it by now, wouldn't you?
Not a chance! ;D

besos =)


  1. So glad Harry was great - no, really, not bitter at all. *sigh*. Glad the birthday went well - do all your family bake?

  2. Hi Kuka, thanks for your comment in my blog. Happy B-day to your sister!

  3. Mmmmm chocolate croissants, that almost sounds easy enough for me to try!

    I think I maybe wish I had gotten harry tickets. But there was too much going on that weekend already!

  4. What a wonderful weekend - Harry, family, Melbourne, chocolate! Those chocolate croissants sound like a must try!

    Happy Birthday to your sister :)


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