Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Any old excuse will do

There's been a bit of talk around here of late about things I just can't resist - here's another to add to the list:
I can not resist any excuse at all for a cupcake!!!

So I simply had to do something for the Celebration of Wool on the weekend!

Actually, I've been looking for an excuse to make these babies ever since I saw them on Flickr and Vegan Yum yum (oooh the foody photos!!), and so I jumped at the chance to make them as bring-along sustenance to share around at our Knit Cafe on Sunday.

I made 2 dozen of my usual recipe cupcakes(vanilla and cranberry), and followed this tutorial to make little blue, yellow and green yarn balls to pop on top =)

The sugar paste yarn balls were (as you might guess) a little fiddly - I think the sugar paste might be trickier to work with than marzipan - but for me fiddly is really half the fun anyway, and one I got my technique down they were much easier.

The icing was pink (pinker than it looks here, I think) butter cream, which was kept quite firm by the chilly weather.

I think next time I'll try out some of the little sugar paste knitted garments too, the cuppies on Vegan Yum Yum have little jumpers and scarves!
Too cute =)



  1. OOOOOOOh Kuka - they look soooo good - and the balls of yarn are too cute - you are clever!

  2. I made them last night with milk instead of cranberry, and the Magpie thanks from the bottom of his heart.

    I would have taken a photo, but they were gone before I had the chance... Maybe the next batch.


  3. Ooh those cupcakes look yummy! Hopefully when I get my own place there'll be an oven big enough to make cupcakes.. I so love baking, and do it all too rarely.

    Love those little balls of yarn on top. ;)

  4. i greatly enjoyed seeing pj shove one of these in his face but i was too overwhelmed by the magic of the icing knitting balls! you are so clever!

  5. The cupcakes looked so yummy & i just love the little balls of yarn. I am sure my girls will love making these.

  6. They are fabulous, I saw a woman on Martha making these and little jumpers!! So very cute!!


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