Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deja vu... again?

I've started some knew bus knitting and, would you believe, it is not another pair of smockies!

It's a second pair of squirrely mitts =)
These guys are (by special request) going to be red and blue.

I remembered having a bit of a tricky time figuring out what needle size to use last time, starting small, then swatching small and larger needles (only to realise I had used one of each size needle...), but since they came out the exact right size this time would be easy - I just had to check my notes for what size I used, right?

Well, let's just say I'm not the best note taker.... I didn't exactly say which size needles I ended up using on any of my blog posts, and haven't filled in the needle size on Ravelry either.

From my previous blog posts I think I used 2.25mm for the cuff and 2.75 for the body of the mitten.
Today I had the 2mm needles with me on the bus so I've used those to cast-on the cuff and that might be ok, but it looks like I might be back to swatching for the main body... again =( eeeek

Wish me swatchy luck! =)


btw, this is my first time using my knitpicks dpns - oooh shiny =)


  1. I have the same problem, but my memory is worse than yours I'm sure. I'll be crocheting something at night, and the next morning I'll be all, damn, was is a 4.25 or a 3.75 I was using?

  2. I love the KnitPicks dpns too! That's all I use for socks now.

  3. Fingers crossed for swatchy success! I like to think Im a good note taker (Im a card-carrying scientist, after all!), but I get myself in trouble ALL the time.

    Make sure you write it down *this* time!!

  4. I had this recently. I swear I can't remember what size needles I swatched for a new project. I'm looking at going, 6mm or 6.5? I am kicking myself so hard for not writing it down. That's key information!


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