Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Encrusted mousse

Aaaah encrusted mousse, Tuesday night S'n'B's biggest draw card here in Canberra

(though it's not exactly the fancy dessert some envisioned - we are definitely not talking creme brulee crust here peoples)

I have to admit I didn't make too much progress on the demon squirrels, but I did enjoy a killer schnitzel and a lot of laughs, and it was lovely to make some new friends too =)

Thanks for another great stitchy evening guys =)


ps. Criminal Minds is back on tele here tonight, and I was really looking forward to some Creepy

(seriously it's the creepiest show I can bear to watch).

Tonight they were more with the Sad than the Creepy, though - we had to have a few rounds of Mandy after the closing credits..... oh Mandy!


  1. Yes, *some* people did imagine more of a brulee crust than a fridge hardened crust!!!

    I told Sean and he said i am sooooo gullible.

  2. Mmmmm crusty mousse.

    'Twas a superb night, and I'm so glad you girls cured me of my cabin fever.

    I don't watch criminal minds, but I do love Mandy. Oh Mandy. Do you know he sang with Madonna once?


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