Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me too =)

Mmmmm, there's been some good old-fashioned slicing going 'round blog world thanks, I understand, to Bianca at Sadie and Lance (you can find the recipe there =))

I noticed it popping up all over the place last week - as if I could resist!!!

This slice is super quick, and very tasty - although I think mine could have used an extra couple of minutes in the oven - it was a little too soft...
(mind you, I always think everything I cook is a little too something ;))

I couldn't resist a sprinkling of sprinkles on top either ;)

Knitting-wise this week I'm almost done on the 2nd pink smockie (well, the knitty part, anyway)

As I've said before, the smockies are very simple.

This didn't stop me knitting the same row for about an hour on Tuesday night - first there was one row too many of rib, so I tinked back, then I knit the entire row without increasing and had to tink back again before finally managing to knit a plain row with th increases required to accomodate the smocking on the back of the hand...

I guess the chatting and giggles were too much fun =)

At home progress has been slowed by flicking through the Spring/Summer Vogue Knits, as well as the fact I've been taking regular breaks to, um, do some quality assesment on these limited edition Straciatella variet of Lindor choccies from Lindt
ooooh I love these!! - actually, I think I hear one calling now... ;)



  1. Great photo of the slice. I love it with the sprinkles on it! I want to make it again!

  2. MMMMMMM slice - mmm chocolatemmm knitting!!
    How good is life!!!

  3. Great minds think alike - I also added sprinkles to the choc slice when I baked them. My girls love them!


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