Tuesday, May 27, 2008

time suck

So, since we bought The House I've started to become a bit interested (ok, maybe a little bit obsessed, but you know, it left a hole when I no longer felt the need to check allhomes 17 times a day) first in looking at other people's homes, then for decorating ideas.

Thanks to (new Nana!!) Autum at Creative Little Daisy I've found a whole new time suck to feed this latest obsession.

At Rate My Space members can upload pics of their home and have others give suggestions/feedback and rate the rooms.
Check out some of those scrap booking rooms!
Ooooh, baths and beds and kitchens - oh my!!! =)


ps. that's a Cafe Cortile french toast and berry breakfast from our latest Melbourney trip mmmmm
On the menu it's actually french toast and grilled banana, but being the bananaphobic that I am that just wasn't going to fly.
The guy there was really nice and organised some berries for me instead mmmmmm =)

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  1. I totally understand your interest in checking other people's homes. It happened to me, too!


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