Monday, May 19, 2008

To market to market

Ooooh, perhaps you've heard all about it already, maybe even seen some excellent photos, but the Celebration of Wool at the Old Bus Depot Markets was FABULOUS! (and a little cold, and very early in the morning, but mostly just fab!)

It was a pleasure to see the work of some of our very own S'n'Bers being admired - Jejune's cards, Liv's pods (see above and here=)), the Shopping Sherpa's bags and hand dyed yarns from Spidey and Monsqueak (see below - and here=))were all oohed and aaahed over the entire day.
(Click on any of those links to find out more, and even do a little shopping of your own =))

It was also lovely (as usual) to catch up with friends (and to see The Steeked Jacket, and Georgie's Belly!), and to meet lots of new ones - including our Caffeine Fairie's Magpie, the lovely Dr Kylie, Reecie who was visiting from Sydney for the weekend (well planned Reecie!!), and many more. If we met on the weekend do leave a message and say hi so that I'll know where to find you =)

Thanks everyone for a great day! =)


  1. Now you're all just rubbing it in!!! I so wanted to be there and you're just showing me the gorgeousness I missed - lucky duck!

  2. Looks like it was a really colourful day. Next year I'm definitely blanking out that weekend. No more family reunions!


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