Wednesday, July 16, 2008


How embarrassing.
I'm still working on that teeny tiny little cardie.

One sleeve is done - one more to go.
I guess it's been slowed by the fact I'm avoiding it as bus knitting - I find the large-ish dpns really awkward for smallish projects.

I have cast on a second one, in yellow, but I have to confess to making quite a mess of it on Tuesday night - I forgot to work the first button hole, then tried to fix it by dropping the stitches down but ended up having to rip it back anyway - it looked terrible!

It's probably not such a bad thing, since I had been planning on doing a white one with yellow just for contrast on the collar and cuffs but forgot to bring the white along with me yesterday - whoops.

I'm having a bit of an ugh about what to do next.
I really really need to finish the demon mitts - perhaps this weekend.

I'm thinking about signing up for the ravelympics - in the Mitten Medley event, naturally!
I have some yarn to make myself some herringbone mittens, so that is a definite possibility.

And, of course, there's that malabrigo just lounging about,, waiting to become a lace ribbon scarf.. mmmm soft scarfy goodness =)

But, first, second sleeve.
Second sleeve then second mitten then who knows what! =)



  1. Go team Oz! Yay for the Mitten Medley!

    Is the cardigan for charity? Do you know if currently anyone does anything for Karinya? I called them today and they are keen for bebe stuff.

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    I finally finished the interminable Gathered pullover and am itching to cast on my Malabrigo - but husby wants slippers - so it maybe felted clogs!

  3. That's the problem - so little time but so many projects. I have to resist casting on until I finish a project.


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